To drive an exclusive car is like a dream...

The purchase is also mostly guided by emotional criterion. However, it should not be forgotten that vintage cars are also subject to a specific tax status.

What is a classic car ? For exemple the 1928, Mercedes SSK Roadster.

According to official tax guidelines, even if the subject is certain to appreciate, very specific administrative criteria must be observed.

First considered as vintage vehicles those over then 40 years irrespective of their condition, and who already have a so-called gray card "collection" (over 30 years old).

Cars older than 25 years where less than 2% of copies are also included.

For more recent models, the criteria are more strict, for example we find cars more than 15 years old, but the model dating back over 20 years and whose production was limited to a thousand copies.

The competition vehicles are in turn integrated into the category only if they have achieved significant sporting success at international events, or if they have more than 5 years and have been built just for the competition.

Finally the car can have a particular historical interest (famous owner, participating in a historic event, technical originality).

Vehicle age is not important in this case.

While current vehicles must be included in the statement of the ISF, collection vehicles do not fall within the calculation base, as well as works of art and collectibles.