Who are we?

Le fonds Schneider Brothers Ltd

FINE ART CAPITAL is a company registered in RCS of Paris and is a part of an English Investment Fund SCHNEIDER BROTHERS ltd.

We will advise and guide you to be able to invest in a "useful way with tax exemption" (ISF or IR) by helping you achieve your dreams in the field of collecting fine art and prestigious cars.

We offer you an exclusive collection of exceptional cars or pieces of art for your pleasure, by enabling you to become an investor in the field of collecting.

Become a player in the prestigious and exclusive world of vintage cars or fine art collection by joining us. Various partnership arrangements will be proposed to you.


The purpose of Fine Art Capital

shelby_cobra_427_s_c_competition The first possibility we suggest is to invest in a timeshare by buying appraised collections of historic vehicles (e.g.: an authentic AC SHELBY COBRA whose value does not cease to grow).

Investments are guaranteed in part by the possession of some of these exceptional cars (with certificate of ownership issued by Fine Art Capital non-taxable by French tax authorities), and the other by the issuance of guaranteed purchase, after five or seven years by the Schneider Brothers fund with a potential for significant capital gains, depending on the price performance of these vintage cars as well as an increase of the value invested in a minimum of 3% annual guaranteed.

Your privileged position as a partner will provide you access to the classic car events throughout the year with the possibility to use exceptional vehicles for your pleasure during these events.

Alternatively, we offer you the possibility to purchase through us works of art such as paintings, sculptures and antiques all appraised with certified value. These purchases are made "worldwide" and we take care of the entire purchase and delivery process.


Contact us

For all questions please contact us by mail with details of your request to:


Our team is committed to responding to your request within 48 hours.